Bridging the gap from watch to shop for readers at Condé Nast

Our product team created an interactive add-on to video content that enhances storytelling and shortens the path to consideration and purchase for users.

Vogue (pilot)

Q1 2021

Product Design
Product Design: Jazzmyn Coker
Product: Amanda Fishman, Kai Brinker
Engineering: Blingby (vendor)
  • New sponsorship opportunity for e-commerce advertisers
  • Flexible options for shoppability, interactivity, and personalization that can cater to various sales categories

Introducing Interactive Shoppable Video

As Condé Nast has navigated innovation within the commerce space, video has been identified as a format for driving user shopping patterns. Condé Nast’s brands produce videos featuring celebrity essentials, beauty products, cooking tools, tech gear and more across Youtube, social and O&O with high engagement. Offering organic shoppable experiences for users is the a next-step for connecting these audiences on video to products.

Powered by Blingby’s interactive technology, our goal for the Interactive Shoppable experience was to create a cohesive experience by providing shopping utilities alongside video for users on native article pages (articles that are sponsored by an advertiser), with Vogue as a pilot.

In terms of content management, interactive videos are built into embeddable containers by Blingby that are inserted directly into native articles. 

(Designs featured are from early product iterations)

User paths to the interactive video

  • Youtube: from link to description
  • Social: from link in bio
  • O&O direct to video page with product gallery
  • O&O in article, from an inline video player

Product Features

  • Video player hosted by Condé Nast Entertainment
  • Buttons with full affiliate integration
  • Content tagging for display targeting and sponsorships within content management platform
  • SEO optimization

Affiliate pixels were enabled to track conversions and events from traffic back to our reporting platform.


A goal from this new product launch was to take learnings from the pilot and create an interactive shoppable experience within the Condé Nast Design System component library. Due to legal restrictions with our vendor, this become difficult.

The Interactive Shoppable video pilot program was expanded to feature more ways to activate – such as hotspots and branching, allowing users to choose their own journye as they watch to create a unique viewing experience. Building upon the product in this way increases the potential for the Interactive Video from an advertiser and user perspective, as the goal of interaction was not always a commercial conversion (an example being advertisers in the pharmaceutical industry).