Jazzmyn Coker

I am an interdisciplinary designer and illustrator based in New York.

I currently work as a Senior Product Designer at Condé Nast.


SELF Conditionally

Project Overview

The SELF Conditionally experience is a health information hub for visitors to explore health condition-related content by the SELF editorial team and Medical Advisory Board. This project is a SEO and Commercial driven project.

Product Design: Jazzmyn Coker
Product: Brian Gottesman, Marylou Alvarez
Engineering: Mithun Sathyan, Sumit Maurya, Moshina Thajudeen, Harsha Somarajupalli, Jyoti Singh

Introducing Conditionally

Conditionally in its previous state was not on a design system, had a disorganized taxonomy and a cluttered user-experience. 

This experience is now backed by a design system and utilizes many additional features, such as a search tool within the Condition Finder to help guide users to information about health conditions. All components, including the Condition Finder were built with SEO in mind to improve SELF’s search-engine rankings and ultimately reach a wider audience and meet business goals.

Conditionally Taxonomy

The SELF Conditionally experience is comprised of three levels:
Condition Home ︎︎︎

Health Condition information hub

Parent Condition ︎︎︎

Condition topic, such as “Neurological Health”
Child Condition

Specific condition, such as “Migraines” under Neurological Health

New Features

The new Conditionally health information hub on a design system has many new features:
  • Conditions search tool
  • More contnet packagaing capabilities
  • New Medical Advisory Board page
  • Video
  • Growing library of SEO-optimized health content 

Medical Advisory Board

Along with optimizing the Medical Advisory Board component on the landing page, we developed a new page to introduce the SELF team of medical experts
  • Members of the Medical advisory Board serve as contributors to health condition related content 
  • Contributor type added in Copilot

Bringing health conditions to the Conditionally Landing Page

An “All Conditions” page was originally scoped but was later moved to “Conditionally Home”
  • Conditions search tool now used on landing page and parent pages
  • SEO improvement
  • User-experience improvement
  • Original carousel moved to parent pages for recirculation

Carousel mid-content injection on parent pages

A call was made later to improve S EO and user-experience by injecting a SummaryCollage component into the middle of parent conditions
  • SEO improvement
  • Recirculation as a user-experience improvement
  • Editorial guidance before scoping was to be content and link rich