Introdcuing a digital era for readers on the World of Interiors

The World of Interiors has covered design, interiors art and architecture since 1981. Its new site marks the first time the British publication has explored video and digital-first content. We worked with The World of Interiors editorial team and Graphic Thought Facility to bring the print publication to an online platform, with all-new stories and content.

The World of Interiors

Q4 2022

Identity, Product Design
Product Design: Jazzmyn Coker, Cristy Ball
Product: Brian Gottesman, Marylou Alvarez
Engineering: Mithun Sathyan, Sumit Maurya, Moshina Thajudeen, Harsha Somarajupalli, Jyoti Singh
Creative Direction: Graphic Thought Facility, Elly Parsons, Tom Reynolds
  • New brand identity within design system
  • Introduction of brand into design system
  • New variations to existing components
  • Revived taxonomy and informational architecture

Working with components

In all stages, it was essential to consider the editorial strategy and frequency of content publishing. We pulled components from our design system that helped pages feel full while while the editorial team created content.

Some challenges included addressing the brand’s need for customization and component limitations within design system. The brand was vocal about wanting The World of Interiors site experience to stand out from other brands within Condé Nast’s portfolio. We treated the Homepage with a curated, thematic, image-dominant approach that helps it feel more unique.

Creating a new brand identity 

We created a new brand identity for The World of Interiors that would allow it to fully integrate within the design system. These designs were based on how Graphic Thought Facility reimagined the publication, including a new logo and custom typography. We prioritized accessibility when translating fonts and color treatment for the web.

Introducing video

Video will also play an important role in the site, enriching both stories that readers may have seen in print and others which are original digital-first pieces, bringing them to life in a completely different way. The thoughtfully-crafted films range from the Pirogues of Senegal to the hills of the Piedmont; the enfilade of gardens at the storied Petworth House in Sussex, to a gaily-coloured ‘Vicky T’ in Birmingham.

Thinking for the future

The team’s strategy for roll-out has considerations for the year foward and how we can usher in subscriptions and reg-gate content after building readership online.