I’m Jazz, a visual designer and artist based in New York.
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WINK Cosmetics
Fall 2016 

In efforts to encourage consumers to loyally purchase animal cruelty-free cosmetic products, I collaborated with Marina and Milton to create a cosmetics campaign that features an engaging in-store and online experience.

WINK aims to offer premium, cruelty-free cosmetics at an affordable price-point to encourage more consumers to steer away from products from companies involved with animal experimentation.

Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, is known for its emphasis on “chic cheap” products and pushing house-brands that are functional and stylish. Offering WINK as a house-brand would allow Target the flexibility to curate and own all design language and advertising associated with the brand to increase sales and awareness for cruelty-free practices.

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Make-up, casting, styling Marina Girgis
Photography, Milton Garay

Brand Strategy
Web Design
Art Direction